Nossa historia

Her dowry

At our fist date, at begins of March, she chose a neutral and public place to meet ourselves: a restaurant called “Leite Derramado” (Milk on Street). After the afternoon coffee and a lot of talk, we went to movies, 7 pm session. Then, I took her home. We spend all the dawn talking and kissing and meanwhile she said:

“I went to my parents city last month and had a lot of fun. My father was worried about the drought and a have joked with him: ‘don’t worry, it’s easy to solve. You married me with a rich farmer and after he pay the dowry, I runaway from him! But you need to ask a big amount for the dowry’. Then, everywhere we joked with all his friends.”

At the next week I traveled to Europe, but never forgot that talk. When I came back to Brazil at the end of March, I had made my mind: I will date that girl! My unconscious knew how the story would evolve and my conscious was smart enough to trust on the mysterious mind and be patient, waiting and hoping to confirm that she is my soulmate.

Four months later, I was confident enough: I will marry her! Because of her story at our first date, I have had the perfect idea to ask her parents for her hand:


A ten million BRL paycheck as dowry!

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